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About This Summit

The Governor's Workforce Summit 2023 brings together workforce industry leaders and local experts, representatives from small businesses, the University of the Virgin Islands, training providers, government departments and agencies to address workforce challenges and provide innovative solutions that will ensure the Virgin Islands has a well-trained, well-skilled and well-prepared workforce for now and in the future.

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Workshops, Keynote Speaker, Giveaways & Prizes.

Free Community Event.


St. Croix:
October 10, 2023

St. Thomas:
October 12, 2023

St. John:
October 13, 2023


8am - 3pm


STX & STT: Caribbean Cinemas.

STJ: Legislature Building.

Who Should Attend

In alphabetical order:

  • Adult Education and Literacy Program Coordinators
  • Businesses
  • Career & Technical Educators
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Community Leaders
  • Job Seekers
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Personnel Directors & Managers
  • Policy Makers
  • Re-entry Program Coordinators
  • Students
  • TANF/SNAP Recipients
  • Veterans
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Youth Program Coordinators

Youth Agendas

2023 Edition

Summit Speakers

Some of the panelists speaking at the summit (in alphabetical order).

Note: Click the dots navigation bar below to browse through them.

speaker 1

Albert Bryan, Jr.


speaker 4

Amber Alexander

speaker 7

Ashley D. Scotland

speaker 10

Dr. Christopher Laney

speaker 13

Colvin T. Georges, Jr.

speaker 16

Dale Brown

speaker 19

Dr. David Hall

speaker 22

Dionne Wells-Hedrington


speaker 25

Emmanuella Perez-Cassius

speaker 28

Geraldine Pitt

speaker 31

J. Scott Derrickson

speaker 34

Jed John Hope

speaker 37

Johanna Bermudez-Ruiz

speaker 40

Kai A. Nielsen

speaker 43

Dr. Kendra Roach

speaker 46

Kim Brophy

speaker 49

Laurie Christian

speaker 52

Lindsay Askew

speaker 55

Marcy Heistand

speaker 58

Max Schelkopf

speaker 61

Michael DelGiacco

speaker 64

Mike Fazio

speaker 67

Natalie M. Knight

speaker 70

Nesha R. Christian-Hendrickson, Esq.

speaker 73

Richard Difede

speaker 76

Shanell Petersen

Director of Communications, VIWAPA

speaker 79

Stacy Charles

speaker 82

Taetia Phillips-Dorsett

speaker 85

Thia Homer

speaker 88

Tregenza A. Roach, Esq.

Lt. Governor

speaker 91

Wayne Biggs

speaker 2

Alkin Paul

speaker 5

Angel E. Dawson, Jr.

Administrator, GERS

speaker 8

Bob Birge

speaker 11

Cindy Richardson


speaker 14

Craig Matthias

speaker 17

Daryl Wade

speaker 20

Delvin Rocky Rockhold

speaker 23

Eduardo Corneiro

speaker 26

Eric Sonnier

speaker 29

Heath George

speaker 32

Jason A. Battiste

speaker 35

Jennifer Matarangas-King

speaker 38

Dr. Julia Sheen

speaker 41

Kashama Charles

speaker 44

Dr. Kevin Dixon

speaker 47

Kyle Fleming

speaker 50

Laurika Jude

speaker 53

Lisa Hamilton

speaker 56

Mario Francis

speaker 59

Michael Bell

speaker 62

Michael Pemberton

speaker 65

Dr. Monique Faulkner

speaker 68

Nate Olive

speaker 71

Omer ErSelcuk

speaker 74

Rudy R. Racine

speaker 77

Shirley Lake-King

speaker 80

Stephanie Chalana Brown

speaker 83

Tamia K. Grant

speaker 86

Tonia Garnet

speaker 89

Vicki HIcks

speaker 92

Zayd Saleem

speaker 3

Amanda Wagner

speaker 6

Arjun Channa

speaker 9

Charlene Hodge

speaker 12

Dr. Cira E. Burke

speaker 15

Cusa Holloway Christian

speaker 18

David Genaro

speaker 21

Derek Gabriel


speaker 24

Emeka Willis

speaker 27

Gary Molloy


speaker 30

Iffat A. M. Walker

speaker 33

Jean A. Forde

speaker 36

Joanne Murphy

speaker 39

Justa Encarnacion


speaker 42

Keith O'Neale, Jr.

speaker 45

Khalil Al-Arefi

speaker 48

Kyle Sexius

speaker 51

Leon Hughes

speaker 54

Louis E. Petersen


speaker 57

Masserae Sprauve Webster

speaker 60

Michael Carty

speaker 63

Michelle M. Francis

speaker 66

Monique R. Richards

speaker 69

Dr. Nathan Austin

speaker 72

Reginald Vigilant

COO & Co-Founder, OmniSystems

speaker 75

Sana Joseph-Smith

speaker 78

Sonia Boyce


speaker 81

Dr. Suzanne Magras

speaker 84

Ted Bedwell

speaker 87

Torhera Durand

speaker 90

Walter Simmons

speaker 93

John Morosco

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Summit Goals

Summit Goals

Empower and support job seekers and businesses, to share best practices, resources, training programs and incentives available to build a talent pipeline reflective of the Virgin Islands community, and to put people back to work. Learn how we are creating a more results-based workforce system, and the latest outreach methods being used to connect with the most vulnerable in our community. Meet some of the partners we are collaborating with to address specific employment needs that will help advance the economic development and sustainability of our economy.

NOTE: The full agenda, including speakers and schedule for each day will be available closer to the event.

Why You Should Attend


Discover the latest training programs, jobs, and career enhancement opportunities available to job seekers and incentives for employers.

Valuable Insight

Concurrent sessions that offer valuable insight on ways to transform and improve the workforce.

Building Talent

Claim your spot in the efforts to build a large, resilient, well-skilled and well-trained talent pipeline of Virgin Islands workers.

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